lcd video wall can provide more chance for consumers to get a closer contact with your advertisements. They can know more about your brands, products and services better by viewing your advertisements shown on lcd video wall. There are various kinds of lcd video walls both in domestic and international markets for your selection. The different sizes, colors, brands are designed to suit for different kinds of requirements. Now you can see the latest advertisements shown on the large lcd video wall screen, high-definition  and better visual effect .

As we all know that the competition is increasingly fierce. And more and more businessmen are trying their best to win in the competiton. Hence, advertising, can’t gain the ideal effect if it still keeps the traditional methods. Nowadays, there is a trend to use lcd ad display to replace the traditional advertising methods. The lcd ad display  includes a built-in media player and hosts the advertisements locally over a memory card within a lockable and safe partition. It can be provided within a reasonable price .

Taking the lcd ad display used in small restaurant for an example, you will walk into the restaurant if you see the advertisements on the real-time information lcd ad display in comparison with those restaurants without it. Generally speaking, every lcd advertising display has the timer, lcd video wall can make it possible for you to power on or off the displayer at a pre-set time.

  • L46M-T2

    46” L series LCD Touch Screen Digital Poster – Floor standing type

    – Brilliant Touch Screen With Infrared Technology

    – LCD panel protection

    – Industrial metal casing