The led downlight and LED lighting prices with international safety certification and the national product quality certification tend to have higher prices because these LED lamp manufacturer products in the security design is reliable. The attention of consumers to be careful identification certificate of authenticity, and now there are not many manufacturers international safety certification and national product certification.

Health and safety aspects, the price of non-toxic materials designed to be high, especially indoor LED lighting, dry do not compromise on selection of the smell of LED lighting. Only a handful of LED manufacturers currently use non-toxic materials during production.LED belongs to the semiconductor component. led panel light principle in simple terms is composed of a hole of P type of semiconductor and electronic N type semiconductor combine into the P-N diode. In P-N diode ends with forward bias, when an electric current passes through, the electron and holes will flow to the engagement surface emits energy and light.

LED itself is a monochromatic light source, with light effect to enhance and blue LED or led panel light. Its application is gradually tend to diversification, from the previous low power indicator lamp evolved into LED backlight module and led rope lighting. LED is known as the twenty-first Century new lighting source, and it has high efficiency, long life, energy saving, and it is not easy to be damaged, LED panel light manufacturer environmental protection without mercury and other traditional light source cannot be compared with the advantages of it.