Domestic and foreign large and medium-sized jaw broken motor fixed jaw and side panel, hammer crusher hammer head, cone crusher plate hammer and counterattack plate, etc, current with high manganese steel as the main material. Generally speaking, the greater the hardness of the hammer head its wear resistance is also more. To improve the wear resistance of hammer head, will increase the hardness, but with the improvement of hardness, hammer head resistance to impact toughness will reduce. Therefore, how to give attention to two or morethings hammer head suitable hardness and good resistance to impact toughness is to improve the hammer head wearing resistance of the key. Hongxing crusher has long insisted on high manganese steel hammer head, prolong the service life of the crusher. High manganese steel good toughness and manufacturability good, the price is low, its main features are in the larger impact or under the action of the contact stress, surface layer will quickly produce work hardening, its work hardening index than other materials high 5-7 times, wear resistance are greatly improved, which can effectively extend the broken time.

In addition to the use of hammer crusher raw materials, hammer head manufacturing quality, structure design, technical parameters and feeding condition and so on all is affects the service life of crusher factors. Hongxing has a number of high-tech team of engineers, in reference to the domestic and international advanced technology, based on different type of crusher, take customer easy to use as the starting point, independent research and development manufacturing crusher, mill and related accessories to meet different customer needs.

Crusher life depends on the quality of the parts, the crusher accessories, hammer head is an indispensable part. Now in the market of the crusher hammer head generally divided into casting and forging. Hongxing crusher for a long time use high manganese steel hammer head, good toughness, manufacturability, and it can improve the crusher wear resistance and prolong service life of cone crusher.

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