The rapid development of the economy has led to a large number of construction projects increasing need for the situation of a lot of sand and gravel materials, Henan Hongxing Machinery lead independent R & D team, positive innovation and improvement of mining crusher machine, cone crusher developed and produced and other crushing and screening equipment with high technical content, has been widely used in various fields, in order to bring good benefits.

From the analysis of the current economic situation, more and more mines begin using mechanized operations, enhance the exploitation rate of the mine, in particular, has been greatly enhanced in the degree of mechanization of coal, copper, zinc and other mining, these industrial quality of the finished product and the forming size requirements are constantly improving. Promote the development of crushing machinery, cone crusher also play its key advantages, off the lead out.

For this reason, in order to meet the requirements of different customers, Hongxing Machinery launched on the basis of jaw crusher, secondary crusher impact crusher and cone crusher, cone crusher in the market is the most commonly used for spring cone Crusher, Hongxing machinery on the basis of the original spring cone crusher, the introduction of advanced production technology improvements perfect launch hydraulic cone crusher, the machine by using the special crushing chamber the laminate design principles intergranular and speed to match replace the traditional single particle crushing principle of the selective materials crushing, crushing uniform size. Bi-directional over iron to release hydraulic cylinder to iron smoothly through the crushing chamber, and in the case of iron and instantaneous stuffy car hydraulic top, automatic nesting, avoid spring cone crusher downtime maintenance operation. Broken cavity using high-performance non-contact seals to improve the reliability of the blocking dust, reducing the of iron pollution and equipment wear cycle, plus the fuselage carry unique lubrication system, and greatly improve the service life of equipment.

mobile stone crushing machine: