Iron ore crushing process generally adopted feeding machine, the primary crushing, two stage crushing, screening, fine grinding, dry separation processes, in order to production efficiency, usually into dry separator of iron ore particle size is fine, including iron ore was dry elected ratio is higher. Therefore, choose the most economic mode of production, maximum limit will improve the rate of dry cleaning iron ore, iron ore beneficiation unit is of the biggest problems. As is known to all, iron ore production operation of primary crushing generally choose jaw crusher, secondary crushing much choose fine jaw broken or cone crusher, fine jaw broken are used for smaller iron ore selected scenes, its equipment value is low, simple structure, convenient maintenance simple. But, fine jaw broken discharge gate minimum can adjust to 25 mm, therefore its crushing particle size is in commonly 40 mm below. And cone crusher structures are complex, equipment, high value. However, its production is bigger, crushing particle size is fine, wear parts with a long service life. Therefore, cone crusher in relatively large iron ore selected scenes is widely used.

Cone crusher iron ore after several iron ore stope production practice proved that can provide more small product size, use vico cone crusher complete iron ore main crushing task is the most economic mode of production, can effectively reduce the production cost.Ore dressing equipments mainly include cement mill,ball mill, rotary dryer,flotation machine,etc.

Iron ore beneficiation process due to the influence of the ore itself properties and production processing size requirements, secondary fine grinding equipment not cone crusher belong to, iron ore cone machine can provide more small product size, but also in quality of product suitable for a complete set of production line to cooperate.

Iron ore crushing due to yield and particle size requirements, plus its hardness increase, the crusher wear-resisting a loss is big, thus increasing the cost of iron ore crusher. In iron ore crushing process, in production capacity, product size, the product shape, equipment weight, maintenance and operation vico cone crusher is superior to other iron ore crusher.

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