Current white LED’s substrate made up of sapphire additional mirroring layer to reflect light which will otherwise be lost. As a consequence, LED lights that are available on the market cost somewhere around 10, 20 or even more led panel light manufacturer times than traditional lights, too much for the average consumer.

Researchers have realized one way of significantly keeping down the expense of white LEDs by reducing the expensive layer of sapphire. As an alternative solution, they used silicon as the substrate and zirconium nitride as the reflector. This had never been carried out before, primarily because silicon reacts with zirconium nitride and changes its properties.

Some errors in design can bring risk, especially the LED street lamp is usually installed on the 8~12 meters high if the radiator core rod is poorly designed, and it may lead to excessive weight and drag, increasing risk, when encountering a typhoon and earthquake may result in serious accidents. In lighting design, the led downlight, chip package substrate, circuit design, system board, heat radiating fins to the shell of the lamp again all occur to test the LED lamp manufacturer, downstream of the R & D capability.

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