The rapid development of construction industry had led to the emergence of the sand making line and other mechanical equipment.But because of the lack of building materials in the market now,the machinery industry actively have a response,developed a system of sand making line, promoting the development of the construction industry.Today,the technology of sand making line is mature has approved by the customers.The following will introduce three major goals of Hongxing heavy industry sand making line development.Stone production line equipment jaw crusher broken motor and frame the most important parts ,is also a main vulnerable parts,consumption is very large.How to increase the using life of the easy wear parts,the key lies in the stone production line equipment what are easy to wear parts use cycle.In ordinary crushing work,movable jaw and frame will impact dynamic load effect of cycle.

Ore dressing equipments mainly include cement mill,ball mill, rotary dryer,flotation machine,etc.In order to gain a foothold in the international market,we must improve stone production line equipment jaw crusher tachnique,the stone production line has a great influence on infrastructure,at present,our country is in a high-speed infrastructure development stage, the demand for artificial sand is quite large,the choice of stone production line need careful care. With simple do not have the condition of some enterprises with inferior artificial sand stone production line production,not only cause the user to pay much more cost than usual,but more serious is the production of concrete quality can not meet the requirements and directly affect the quality of the construction project.

Save resources,and develope mechanism sand.Now natural sand and mechanism sand production each accounted for 50%,the natural sand resources will reduce in the future, so the future development trend is sand making line.

We have made a great success in sand making line technology,efficiency and automation degree.Hongxing heavy industry sand making line including crusher,feeder,sand making machine,vibrating screen and so on,the crusher is the key equipment of the whole sand making line.

Extend the sand industry chain and increase product added value.

The quality of the product and technology is the core of enterprise development.As with other industries,sand making line equipment will also exist in different quality,the presence of these problems is an important factor of restricting the sand making line industry development.

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