The usage of efficient cone crusher need to do from small details,we can not only ensure the production efficiency,but can extend the use time of equipment strictly regulate the operation of cone crusher.The following Hongxing heavy industry will remind customers pay more attention to the details:

The dangers of cone crusher Uneven feed:1.The production efficiency decreases; 2.The discharging grain size become larger;3.The spring frequently beat;

Benefits:1.Prevention cone crusher iron; 2.Frequently have iron may cause accident broken shaft.

1. The oil temperature not too high or too low; 2. Change lubricating oil regularly, in order to avoid wear equipment;

In general,you should pay attention to the following questions when cone crusher in operation,we can ensure the machine run properly.When Cone crusher working, feeding materials can”t segregation.If uneven feed appears,the cone crusher production capacity will lower,product size is too big,spring movement is frequent,large bowl bearing pressure, and power consumption rising.

To ensure the normal function and the production capacity of hammer crusher, we must process the right operation, normal maintenance and regular inspection.Sand making equipments mainly include impact crusher, jaw crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher,roll crusher and vibrating feeder,etc.

Firstly, the right operation is the one of the key factors in the continuous function. And the improper and neglectful operation is often the important factors to cause equipment and human injury accidents. And the right operation means to carry out according to the specific stipulation.

Before the function, we should give a complete inspection to all the equipments to see if there have the wearing parts in the hammer head and ores in the crushing cavity. If any, the ores should be taken out. And we should also check if the bolts are loose.

During the normal operation, we should not forcely start the equipment before we find out the trouble if there has happened the machine halt. And we can clean out the materials from the crushing cavity and to process the operation according to the sequence.

Attention, we should give a timely processing when there have happened the malfunction like abnormal sounds out of friction or beating between the hammer and grates .

After we shut down the machine, we should also inspect the wearing condition of the hammer, inner plate and discharging grate. Besides, maintenance to the equipment is one of the key factors to extend the service life. And the normal maintenance are mainly including the cleaning equipment, bolts fasten, better lubrication, mechanical parts adjustment, which are very closely to the operation.

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