Hongxing Machinery provides many models of Europe version jaw crusher, vertical roller mill, overpressure trapezoidal mill, intensive and superfine mill into a full set of grinding process .According to actual situation, choose different equipments to grind the iron tailings once again, after treatment processing to be a certain fineness preparation crystallite glass. Develop them into a high-grade building material which features high-performance and low cost or a industry material which features wear and corrosion resistance .It can improve the technology content and added value of tailings products. With the continuous development of mineral resources, produced tailings not only occupies much land but also pollutes environmental. With tailings recycling equipment and systems engineering continuously improved, for the fake of improving commercial efficiency, some mining enterprises had set some iron tailings recovery factories and made machining on iron tailings. It had made the obvious economic benefits by producing high value-added building decoration materials. The use of tailings will be the widest range and the biggest potential field in the 21st century the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, will be the new resources we rush to develop.

With the rapid development of the steel industry, the proportion of iron ore tailings in the industrial solid waste is becoming bigger and bigger. According to incomplete statistics, at present we had found about 150 kinds of minerals and built more than 3000 mines. Cumulative production of iron tailings is 59.7billion t. Among them the stockpiling of iron ore tailings nearly accounts for a third of the total amount of stockpiling of tailings. Spoil reclining and the recovery of valuable elements are main and preferred measures of overall utilization of tailings, including Old Tailings use and re-election of new generated tailings. Spoil recleaning not only can reduce maintenance costs, saving broken mill, mining, transportation costs, but also it can save the cost of equipment and research in new technology. Therefore it becomes more and more popular.Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, for example, tyre mobile crusher, micro powder grinding mill. Welcome all of you to visit our official website.

Iron tailing is waste which is produced by using crushing machine and mill crushing ore, selecting „useful component”. It is the solid waste discharged after selecting concentrate. It is a composite of raw materials, in addition to small amount of metals; its main mineral components are gangue minerals such as quartz, pyroxene, feldspar, garnet, hornblende and altered mineral stone .China”s iron ore resources embedded in fine particle size. General it needs two stages of crushing by crusher and mill, few need three stage of crushing. So except coarse grained tailings in caucus out part, most sizes of tailings discharged by ore dressing and stockpiling tailings are fine. Generally the percentage of the tailing size less than 0.074mm is from 50%-70%.Only the tailing size in the middle and lower Yangtze River area is coarse.

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