The hydraulic cone crusher is easy to control. The operating ratio has been increased to more than 85%, yet at a low cost. Hydraulic Cone Crusher Working Principle The crushing process by hydraulic cone crusher manufacturer is completed between the fixed cone and eccentric rotating moving cone. The horizontal axis of the crusher is driven by the motor through a V-belt, which in turn drives eccentric cover through gears. The eccentric cover rotates the main shaft, thereby causing eccentricity. Materials enter the crushing chamber through the upper inlet of crusher, and are discharged out through lower outlet.

The Cone Crusher applies advanced technology and the best combination of crushing frequency and eccentricity to achieve small particle sizes. Crushing and grinding power consumption is reduced greatly. More materials are crushed by different layers, with the evenly-shaped cubes as the final product.

The machinery is characterized by high crushing efficiency and by a highly efficient chamber with a larger capacity than other crushers. Hydraulic adjustment and simplistic cleaning of the chamber make operation and maintenance convenient and more automated.

Hydraulic Cone Crusher Advantages

1. Operator-friendly design and hydraulically adjusted discharge outlet save time and work. Adjustments can be precisely controlled.

2. High efficiency: There are supports both on the high and low sides of cone crusher main axle which can make cone crusher stand more stave strength and stroke. It’s one of the most important reasons for the popular cone crusher.

3. High production: Because of consummate design, it can improve the output higher than the old-model cone crusher about 35%-60%.

4. Convenient conversion and easy maintenance.

5. Reliable insurance: The overload protection and fine axle bearing lubricates can be maintained by double assurances control and lubricating system etc.

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