In view of the comprehensive recovery and utilization of tailings resources, the crusher produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is the first selection of tailings sand making equipment. Based on the deep understanding of the development and utilization of tailings as well as deeply exploration of the technology of artificial sand and combined with foreign advanced technology research and development, Hongxing made the vertical impact crusher (sand making machine). With a number of independent patent property rights, Hongxing crusher is another breakthrough in the sand and aggregate production equipment industry. It not only provides high-quality sand and aggregate for high-rise buildings, high speed railway, highway, hydropower dam construction, national key project construction, concrete mixing station, but also has widely application in the steel slag processing and metal ore crushing, etc.

Tailings contain various kinds of colored, black, rare and valuable and non-metallic minerals. It is precious secondary mineral resources. After the recovery of valuable components from tailings, the other major mineral compositions are used as building materials, ceramic, glass-ceramic composite mineral raw material. All in all, after a series of processing and multilevel utilization, tailings resources will be fully used and for benefit our mankind.

One advantage is of the development of the artificial sand from tailings is that artificial sand is mechanized production. It has a fixed site for production, more perfect organization management, and relatively high personnel quality, which are lacking in natural sand production enterprises. Construction sand and gravel product certificate should be provided in sand and concrete standards but it is not implemented now. Through the development of artificial sand from tailings this problem is likely to be solved, which has a positive significance in the quality improvement of the whole sand and gravel industry.

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