According to the construction of roads and railways are different grades of quality requirements for application of also has very big difference, try to improve the quality of the ballast is the inevitable choice of ballast factory, including as head broken jaw crusher and sand making machine, etc. Application of the production equipment selection is crucial. Basalt as raw materials for the common application of the production line, stone sediment concentration and particle size can according to the optional equipment: jaw crusher, euro mandibles crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, etc. According to the practical condition of material, of course, including a complete set of equipment includes vibrating feeder, the conveyor belt, vibrating screen and washing sand machine.Sand making equipments mainly include impact crusher, jaw crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher,roll crusher and vibrating feeder,etc.

Hongxing cone crusher is the introduction of foreign advanced technology development and production of high energy cone crusher, stable performance and excellent quality. Unique hydraulic cavity, adjust the discharging mouth function, dynamic tooth plate change without packing, spring locking device make the crushing force is stable, and provide iron release protection greatly facilitate the users, reduce equipment management and maintenance cost, and is currently the most widely used basalt crusher. There are new cone crusher equipment design has a novel design principle, adopting the new concept of crushing technology, can satisfy the different material specifications of the broken, fully meet the requirements of new technology. Again, impact crusher can cut large pieces, hard basalt crushing into aggregate particles, and then applied to the production of building materials.

In basalt transformation in the process of the high quality sand aggregate and concrete aggregate, gravel equipment, crusher is necessary so basalt crushing equipment should be how to choose, this is a question worthy of our careful consideration. Hongxing machinery company according to how to choose the basalt crusher this problem, deeply analyze the: for the customers first we analyze the characteristics of basalt, basaltic its high compressive strength, crushing value low, wear-resisting, bibulous rate is low, weak electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance is strong, characteristics of asphalt adhesion. International recognition, is the cornerstone of the development of railway transportation and road transportation is best. Secondly according to the crusher features to analyze what kind of crusher is suitable for use in the basalt crushing production line.

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