Cone crusher and crusher machine, the daily high efficiency operation is based on regular maintenance and overhaul.Cone crusher maintenance is an extremely important regular work. It should be close coordination with extreme operating and overhaul, should be full-time personnel on duty checks.

Cone crusher service life of many factors, such as the strength of the material to be broken, crusher equipment load, how to effectively extend the service life of the cone crusher is the greatest concern of the majority of users, Hongxing Machinery on to introduce the following operation precautions:

1.5-10 minutes after starting oil pump motor, check lubrication system, oil pressure is normal before starting the main motor of the cone crusher.

2. Check the lubrication system before the start of the cone crusher, cone crusher area, correction of the degree of tightening of the belt, check the screws are tightened.

3. Cone crusher mobile cone maintenance check crusher spindle drogue wear contact at the event than 3mm gaps or cracks found spindle should be promptly replaced the spindle.

4. The crusher empty load operation for 1-2 minutes to start to mine. For large cone crusher can generally be packed to the mine, no need to worry about. Cone crusher, crushing, we want to ensure that to the mining speed, not too fast. There is more material humidity, hardness develop effective clearance cycle to ensure that the material does not adhere to the walls of the crushing chamber.

5.For part of the the moving cone body under mine blocking ring, if worn more than 1/2 should ring high repair welding of steel plates.

6. Normal stop should be the first stop to the mining, be ore crusher excluded, in order to stop the main motor running. Finally, stop the oil pump motor. Parking after a comprehensive examination of the various parts of the crusher, found the problem to timely processing.

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