The led downlight and led panel light source lighting market in the 21st century of hope, notice the many benefits of its future will gradually replace the traditional light source, high brightness LED oko committee that will be the man, after following the Edison incandescent light bulbs, one of the greatest inventions, the current global energy times of crisis, energy is a valuable resource, saving energy is our future problems.

Buy LED panel light, as a new energy-saving, environmentally friendly products the green light, must be the future trend. Led panel light driver chip area which should be the nominal output voltage to meet the dc8-40v, use the area to cover the needs of more pressure if greater than 45v; ac12v or 24v output complex with the bridge rectifier output voltage Power voltage fluctuation, especially at high voltage DC output voltage will be high if you can not drive less responsive ic wide voltage areas, often overstating the power off when power will be breakdown, led light source also led to survival.

Lighting LED panel light source voltage is very low vf, ordinary led downlight, if the 15-1400ma; which led drive the output voltage is LED panel light manufacturer, or vfx1, if constant in the 15-1400ma. The led panel light source used in a small power (if = 15-20ma) and power (if> 200ma)) two small power led to do more led fluorescent lamp, decorative lamp, grid lamps; power led to doing household lights, spotlights, underwater lights, wall lights, street lamps, pure light, car mission lights. Power led light source is a low voltage, high current-driven device, the light intensity led by a current flowing through the size of choice, current too strong can cause attenuation of light led panel light, led the current is too weak affect the luminous intensity, thus, led the drive required to provide constant LED lamp manufacturer current power supply to Brogan of power led to use of Enron, while aspiring to achieve luminous intensity.