The led downlight and LED solar roofs we all know, in the hot summer sun, parked in the car, which can really hot to roast duck, but if you only think about how to eat roast duck, it is a little too wasted to the sun gift. Recently, Philips developed LED solar roof, so that drivers can be switched to the normal roof or solar LED car lamp. Of course, in addition to the car lights, and the direction of lights, brake lights and other cars may shine place, can be used.

The bionic led panel light manufacturer contact lenses The Finland Aalto University recently developed an LED contact lenses, can be transmitted to the LED information containing transparent sapphire substrate, the wearer can directly from the invisible eye to read e-mail past only from a computer or mobile phone to read the information, the success of the past can only in science fiction movies to see transplanted into reality in life, you enjoy it. Later (actually about 30 years later), in early 1990’s, blue-spectrum LED’s were invented – an enormous advance in usefulness, due to the fact blue light could be joined with red and green to produce white light.

Nevertheless, this method was not efficient, and corporations were battling to develop a single diode that is able to generate white light by itself. Then, in 1993, a corporation referred to as Nichia developed the first white led panel light utilizing a blue LED with a phosphor coating. The coating was the secret to success – it provided sufficient shifting of the light wavelength coming from the diode itself to generate white colored light. So why, aren’t we using LED panel light  (in most of our homes) – significantly more efficient than either incandescent or fluorescent lights – to our homes, offices and warehouses? The primary challenge, clearly, is cost.